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Information Night 

Sydney Flying Squadron, Kirribilli. 

The Sydney Flying Squadron was originally founded by Mark Foy in 1889 and remained one of his greatest joys.  When present day members of the club learned a documentary was planned for the History Channel, they generously opened the doors of their club for an Edwardian themed evening. 


During the night, historians addressed the many guests which included Australian acting royalty Jack Thompson and  Lorraine Bayly as well as renowned musicians Reg Mombassa and Peter O'Doherty.  The current day owners of The Hydro Majestic, Huong Nguyen and George Saad were also warmly welcomed.  

From the film and documentary community, Susan MacKinnon from Documentary Australia Foundation ( DAF ) and Andrea Ulbrick, from Create New South Wales joined in the fun. It was a wonderful evening. 

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